Instructions for Requesting Recommendation Letters

This page contains instructions for students who would like me to write recommendation letters for them.

Please read this before deciding whether to ask me for a letter.

Do you really want me to write a letter for you?

If I know you as a student  I will usually be  happy to write a letter of recommendation for you. BUT,  I can only write about what I know.  For example,

If you think that this level of letter  is appropriate for what you need please email me to set up a meeting to discuss this in person.

General Information I need from you

If I do agree to write a letter for you please email me a copy of all information that you are including in your application, e.g.

       (*) required items

Supplementary Information for one-off recommendations

If this is for a one-off application, e.g., a scholarship, please specify in your cover email  the details of the application, e.g.,

Supplementary Information for Graduate School recommendations

If this is for graduate school applications please also include a list of ALL of the programs to which you are applying, sorted by submission deadline.  Each program should include the following information

Whenever  you update the list, e.g.,  adding or inserting an entry, please send me an email telling me what the changes were AND INCLUDING AN UPDATED VERSION OF THE FULL LIST.

If I do agree to write a letter for you,  please follow the instructions above.  I  receive requests to write many letters of recommendations each year.  Having you submit the information in the format above helps me  streamline the process and meet your application deadlines.

Mordecai Golin
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Hong Kong UST