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Multilayered Semantic Networks as a Knowledge Representation Paradigm and Interlingua for Meaning Representation

Hermann HELBIG
University Hagen, Germany

Date :     4 August 2006 (Friday)
Time :     10:30-11:30
Venue :   Rm 3530 (Lifts 25-26)


The framework of Multilayered Extended Semantic Networks (MultiNet) is one of the few knowledge representation paradigms along the line of Semantic Networks (SN) having a comprehensive, systematic, and publicly available documentation. This talk describes the main features of MultiNet and the standard repertoire of representational means provided by this system, the application of MultiNet for the meaning representation of natural language expressions, and the software tools connected with it.

Besides the structural information, which is manifested in the relational and functional connections between nodes of the SN, the conceptual representatives of MultiNet are characterized by embedding the nodes of the network into a multidimensional space of layer attributes. To warrant cognitive adequacy and universality of the knowledge representation, every node of the SN uniquely represents a concept, while the relations between them have to be expressed by a predefined set of about 110 semantic primitive relations and functions, which are described on a metalevel by means of an axiomatic system of second order predicate calculus formulae. The classification of MultiNet nodes into sorts (which form a conceptual ontology) is an important basis for the definition of the domains and value restrictions of the above-mentioned relations and functions.

To support the effective work with MultiNet and to deal with the semantic phenomena of natural language, MultiNet has been provided with several software tools, which include:

All three tools are important prerequisites for the use of MultiNet as a semantic interlingua in NLP systems.


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