Liu Jingyuan 

Email : jliucb (at)
Lab : Rm.4204, Academic Building, HKUST
      Tel : +852-6225 8078
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I am currently a PhD candidate from Vision and Graphics Lab at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I'm supervised by Prof. Chiew-Lan Tai, and also work closely with Prof. Hongbo Fu.
My research interests are in computer vision and graphics, especially in video analytics and user interface design.


2017.9-now     Hong Kong University of Science and Tchnology

PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering

2014.9-2017.3     School of Astronautics, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

MPhil in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (Supervisor: Dr. Bindang Xue)
GPA: 3.9/4.0 [Transcript] [Thesis (in Chinese)]

2010.9-2014.7     University of Science and Technology Beijing

BEng in Electrical Engineering, School of Automation
BA in English Literature (Dual Degree), School of Foreign Language


  1. Jingyuan Liu, Bindang Xue, Linyan Cui. "Analysis of statistical properties of atmospheric turbulence induced image dancing based on Hilbert transform and dense optical flow." IEEE 13th International Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP) 2016. [Paper]

  2. Jingyuan Liu, Xuren Zhou, Hongbo Fu, Chiew-Lan Tai. "TAVE: template based augmentation of visual effects to human actions in videos." Pacific Graphics 2018. [Poster]

  3. Jingyuan Liu, Hongbo Fu, Chiew-Lan Tai. "PoseTween: Pose-driven Tween Animation." UIST 2020. [Paper][Video]

  4. Jingyuan Liu, Mingyi Shi, Qifeng Chen, Hongbo Fu, Chiew-Lan Tai. "Normalized Human Pose Features for Human Action Video Alignment." ICCV 2021 (Oral). [Paper][Supplementary Material]

  5. Jingbo Wang, Yu Rong, Jingyuan Liu, Sijie Yan, Dahua Lin, Bo Dai. "Towards Diverse and Natural Scene-aware 3D Human Motion Synthesis." CVPR 2022. [Paper][Supplementary Material]

  6. Jingyuan Liu, Nazmus Saquib, Zhutian Chen, Rubaiat Habib Kazi, Li-Yi Wei, Hongbo Fu, Chiew-Lan Tai. "VCoach: A Customizable Visualization and Analysis System for Video-based Running Coaching." Preprint. [Paper][Demo]


2021.3-Now     Internship (unofficial) @ Adobe Research

Research subject: sports human pose data analytics.
In collaboration with Dr. Li-Yi Wei, Dr. Rubaiat Habib, and Dr. Nazmus Saquib.

2020.12-2021.3     Visiting (unofficial) @ CUHK MMLab

Assisted research on scene-aware human motion synthesis.

2020.7     Summer School @ Zhejiang University CAD&CG State Key Lab

Subject: Visualization and Visual Analytics

2019.1     AI ML Winter Camp @ Google

Co-developed a framework QuickPoem that generates poems from free hand drawings.

2016.9-2016.12     Internship @ Sony China Research Lab

Assisted research on applying one-shot learning to hand gesture recognition.

2012.9-2012.11     Internship @ Tsinghua University State Key Lab of Tribology

Assisted with printed circuit boards assembly for multi-frequency instrument analysis.


COMP2711   Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science   (2018Fall, 2019Spring)
COMP2611   Computer Organization   (2020Spring[SFQ], 2021Spring[SFQ])


2017   HKUST Research Postgraduate Scholarship
2015   National Postgraduate Scholarship
2013   Champion of Worldwide Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Race
2013   ARM Special Award
2013   2nd Runner-up in National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest (Beijing Division)
2012   1st Runner-up in Mathematical Contest in Modeling
2011   1st Runner-up in National English Contest for College Students

Last Update: April 20th, 2022.