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Ming WEN (文明)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Office: Room 3663,  Near Lift 31/32

Email: mwenaa [-AT-] cse.ust.hk

I am currently a PhD candidate in the fifth year from the department of Computer Science and Engineering  of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It's my honour to be supervised by Prof. Shing-Chi CHEUNG. My research interests are mainly in program analysis, mining software changes and defect prediction. Before joining HKUST, I received my Bachelor Degree of Engineering in June 2014 from the Colloge of Computer Science and Technology  of Zhejiang University.


  1. [ICSE’19] Ming Wen, Yepang Liu, Rongxin Wu, Xuan Xie, Shing-Chi Cheung and Zhendong Su.  Exposing Library API Misuses via Mutation Analysis.   In International Conference on Software Engineering, Technical Research Paper, To Appear, 2019 (Acceptance ratio 20.6%=109/529)
  2. [ICSE’19] Ying Wang, Ming Wen, Rongxin Wu, Zhenwei Liu, Shin Hwei Tan, Zhiliang Zhu, Hai Yu and Shing-Chi Cheung.  Can I Have a Stack Trace to Examine the Dependency Conflict Issue?   In International Conference on Software Engineering, Technical Research Paper, To Appear, 2019 (Acceptance ratio 20.6%=109/529)
  3. [TSE’18] Ming Wen, Rongxin Wu, Shing-Chi Cheung.  How Well Do Change Sequences Predict Defects? Sequence Learning from Software Changes.   In  Transactions of Software Engineering, To Appear,   2018
  4. [ESEC/FSE’18] Ying Wang, Ming Wen, Zhenwei Liu, Rongxin Wu, Rui Wang, Bo Yang, Hai Yu, Zhiliang Zhu and Shing-Chi CheungDo the Dependency Conflicts in My Project Matter?  In  The ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, Technical Research Paper, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, 4 Nov - 9 Nov 2018, To Appear.  (Acceptance ratio 18.6%=55/295)
  5. [ICSE’18] Ming Wen, Junjie Chen, Rongxin Wu, Dan Hao and Shing-Chi CheungContext-Aware Patch Generation for Better Automated Program Repair.  In International Conference on Software Engineering, Technical Research Paper, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 27 - 3 June 2018.  (Acceptance ratio 20.9%=105/502)
  6. [EmSE’17] Rongxin Wu, Ming Wen, Shing-Chi Cheung, and Hongyu ZhangChangeLocator: Locate Crash-Inducing Changes Based on Crash Reports.  In Empirical Software Engineering,  2017
  7. [ASE’16] Ming Wen, Rongxin Wu and Shing-Chi CheungLocus: Locating Bugs from Software Changes.  In Proceedings of the 31st IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, Technical Research Paper, Singapore, 3 Sep - 7 Sep, 2016, 262-273. (Acceptance ratio 19.1%=57/298) [Slides][Dataset][Prototype]
  8. [SANER’14] Xin Xia, David Lo, Ming Wen, Emad Shihab and Bo ZhouAn Empirical Study of Bug Report Field Reassignment.   Joint Meeting of the 18th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering and the 21st Working Conference on Reverse Engineering. IEEE, 2014: 174-183.


  1. COMP3021 Java Programming, Fall 2016. Teaching Assistant.
  2. COMP1022Q Introduction to Computing with Excel VBA, Spring 2016. Teaching Assistant.
  3. COMP2011 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Fall 2015. Teaching Assistant.
  4. COMP3021 Java Programming, Spring 2015. Teaching Assistant.


  1. Reviewer of Transaction of Software Engineering, 2018
  2. Reviewer of Empirical Software Engineering, 2018
  3. Reviewer of ACM Transaction of Software Engineering and Methodology, 2018
  4. Reviewer of IEEE Transaction on Reliability, 2018
  5. External Reviewer of International Conference on Software Engineering, 2017
  6. Student Volunteer, FSE 2014 , Hong Kong

Honors and Awards

  1. Postgraduate Studentship, CSE HKUST, Annually (September 2014-Current).
  2. School of Engineering (SENG) PhD Fellowship Award, SENG HKUST, 2014-2015.
  3. Excellent Certificate of Stars of Tomorrow Internship Program, Microsoft Research Asia, September 2014.
  4. Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University, June 2014.
  5. National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of The People's Republic of China, October 2013.
  6. First-Class Scholarship for Outstanding Students, Zhejiang University, December 2012.
  7. Excellent Student Awards, Zhejiang University, December 2012.
  8. Outstanding Student Leader Awards, Zhejiang University, December 2012.


I love taking photos, and you can find some of my photos on Instagram.

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