• Academic Qualifications

    2009, Mapping Tool "ABMapper"

    2011, Thesis "Generalized Pattern Matching Applied to Genetic Analysis"

    Dr. Bing Ni graduated from the CSE Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and her supervisor was Prof. Kwong Sak Leung. Her research topics are string matching algorithm design that can be used widely for genetic analysis. To solve alternative splicing detection, which was to assemble tens of millions segments to form a complete genomic sequence, she proposed a bi-directional seeding-and-extending algorithm, and invented a mapping tool called "ABMapper".

    Dr. Ni's current research interest is Data Mining in general, and big data visual informatics in specific.

  • Professional Experience

    2013-2016, 7 Patents (USA and China)

    2016-2017, 5 proposals (UICP, RGC, UGC, ITSP, HSBC 150th Anniversary)

    Dr. Bing Ni has been managing research projects since she joined Noah's Ark Lab Huawei Technologies on 2013. She had been acting as a project manager for research projects, and her collaborred parties came from both academy and industry. She joined HKUST after left Huawei, and she is currently a Computer Officer & Engineering Manager (functional title). From the respective of managment, her main duty is to coordinate research projects and manage research team members. From the respective of research proposals drafting, she also negotiate with governmental officers, domain experts, data scientists, and sponsors.

    Asides from project management, she also contributed to IPR. During the 3 years when her worked in Noah's Ark Lab, she authored and co-authored 7 USA and China patents.

  • Contact

    nibing AT ust.hk

    Rm 4204, Academic Building, The Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong