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English Bio:

Qiang Yang is the head of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), where he is a New Bright Endowed Chair Professor of Engineering.  Between 2012 and 2014, he was a founding director of the Huawei Noah's Ark Research Lab. His research interests are data mining and artificial intelligence including machine learning, planning and case based reasoning  He is a fellow of AAAI, IEEE, IAPR and AAAS.  He received his PhD from Computer Science Department of the University of Maryland, College Park in 1989.  He had been an assistant/associate professor at the University of Waterloo between 1989 and 1995, and a professor and NSERC Industrial Research Chair at Simon Fraser University in Canada from 1995 to 2001.  He was an invited speaker at IJCAI 2009, ACL 2009, ACML 2009 and ADMA 2008 and 2012, SDM 2012, WSDM 2013, etc.  He was elected as a vice chair of ACM SIGART/SIGAI in July 2010 and is now an advisor of ACM SIGAI.  He was the founding Editor in Chief of the ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (ACM TIST) and is now the founding EiC of IEEE Transactions on Big Data.  He is on the editorial board of IEEE Intelligent Systems and several other international journals(IEEE, TKDE (2005-2009), AI Magazine, etc.).  He has served as a PC co-chair and general co-chair of several international conferences, including ACM KDD 2010 and 2012, ACM RecSys 2013, ACM IUI 2010, ICCBR 2001, etc.  He serves as an IJCAI trustee, the Program Committee Chair for IJCAI 2015 and was elected to be an AAAI Executive Council member in 2016.

Chinese Bio:

杨强,香港科技大学计算机系冠名光明工程学讲座教授。他曾经是华为诺亚方舟实验室主任(2012-2014)。他是AAAI Fellow, IEEE Fellow, AAAS Fellow, IAPR Fellow和ACM杰出科学家。他的主要研究兴趣是人工智能和数据挖掘。杨强于1982年毕业于北京大学天体物理专业,获得学士学位。分别于1985年 和1987年毕业于美国马里兰大学的计算机系和天文学系,获得双硕士学位。于1989年毕业于马里兰大学计算机系,获得计算机博士学位。自1989年到 1995先后任滑铁卢大学的助理教授和副教授,1995年到2001年在加拿大西蒙·弗雷泽(Simon Fraser)大学先后任副教授,正教授一职,同期担任NSERC工业研究主任。自2001年,在香港科技大学先后任副教授,正教授一职。他出版过三本 书,包括最近由清华大学出版的《学术研究- 你的成功之路》(与凌晓峰教授共同著作),发表了300多篇关于人工智能和数据挖掘的论文。在2004年和2005年,他指导的队伍赢得了KDDCUP等比赛的冠军。他曾受WSDM2013, SDM2012, IJCAI 2009, ACL 2009 和ACML 2009等著名国际会议的邀请在会议上做主题演讲。在2010年7月,当选为ACM 人工智能协会(SIGART)的副主席。

杨强是多本国际期刊的编委,是ACM TIST的创始主编,是IEEE 大数据期刊创始主编,还是IEEE Intelligent Systems,IEEE TKDE (2005-2009),AI Magazine 等期刊的编委。此外,他也是很多人工智能和数据挖掘相关会议的组织者以及程序联合主席,如 2012年在北京举办的ACM 国际数据挖掘大会(KDD) 的会议主席, 以及ACM KDD 2010,ACM RecSys 2013, ACM IUI 2010,ICCBR2001等会议的主席。他是国际人工智能大会(IJCAI) 的董事会成员和2015年在阿根廷举办 IJCAI 会议的程序委员会主席, 同时在2016年被选为AAAI执行委员会委员。


Qiang Yang’s home page is at http://www.cse.ust.hk/~qyang


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