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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong, China

Si Shen MPhil Student 2009-2012 Machine Learning, Web Search An Investment Bank, Hong Kong
Sinno Jialin Pan PhD Student 2006-2010 Machine Learning, Transfer Learning Research Fellow, I2R, Singapore.
Hankz Hankui Zhuo Research Assistant/Postdoc Fellow 2007-2009 AI Planning, Learning Action Models Faculty, Zhongshan (Sun-yat Sen) University, Guangzhou, China
Huayan Wang Research Assistant 2007-2009 Data mining and machine learning PhD Student, Stanford University
Qi Liu Postdoc Fellow 2008-2009 Data Mining in Bioinformatics Associate Professor, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Rong Pan Postdoc Fellow 2005-2007 Machine Learning and Data Mining HP Labs, USA;  Associate Professor at Zhongshan  (Sun-yat Sen)  Univ. China
Jeffrey Junfeng Pan PhD December 2007  Learning-based Localization in Wireless and Sensor Networks Facebook, USA (2010 -)
Google Inc., USA (2007-2010)
Dou Shen PhD June 2007 Learning Based Web Query Understanding Co-Founder, Buzzlabs
Microsoft AdCenter Labs, USA
Jie Yin PhD June 2006 Probabilistic Activity Recognition from Low-Level Sensors CSIRO, Australia
Xiaoyong Chai Mphil August 2005 Multiple Goal Recognition from Low Level Signals PhD student, University of Wisconsin, USA
Cheng, Hong Mphil August 2003 Mining High-Utility Plans from Plan Databases Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wang, Hui Mphil August 2003 Mining Web Logs through Model based Clustering Guangzhou, China
Simon Fraser University (SFU), Burnaby, BC Canada

Henry Hanning Zhang

MSc. at  SFU

May 2001

Web Log Prediction for Proxy Caching and Prefetching

Sun Microsystems, Beijing, China

Ian Tianyi Li

MSc. at SFU

August 2001

Using Association Rules for Web Document Prediction and Pre-fetching

IT Manager at Guangzhou, China

Michael Zhen Zhang

MSc. at SFU

December 2000

Correlation-based Web Document Clustering and Pre-fetching

IT Company in China

Haijing Fang

MSc. at SFU

August 2001

Querying the Web through XML-HTML conversion in Restricted Domains

Toronto, Canada

Hui Zhang   MSc. at SFU July 1999 Acquiring Typical Problem Solving Knowledge From Databases using Data Mining.  Assistant Professor at University of Manitoba, Canada
Jun Zhu MSc.  at SFU July 1999  Provable Properties of Case-Base Maintenance Vancouver, Canada
Jing Wu MSc. at SFU Jan. 1999 Clustering in Case Base Retrieval Amdocs Corporation, Toronto
Sandra Hayden SFU May 1998 Agent Architecture  NASA Ames, USA
Sheng Li MSc. at SFU 1998 Active Case Bases: combining Active Databases and Case Based Reasoning Seagate Software, Vancouver, Canada
Gunter Mussbac MSc. at SFU 1998 Software Reuse using Case Based Reasoning and Commonality Analysis Ottawa, Canada
Zhong Zhang MSc. at SFU 1997 Feature-weight Learning for Case Base Maintenance Assistant Professor in University of Lethbridge, Canada
Kirsti Racine MSc. at SFU 1997 Maintaining Unstructured Case Bases IBM Canada in Toronto
University of Waterloo, Waterloo Ontario, Canada
Steven Woods PhD at Waterloo 1996 Constraint based Software Reverse Engineering  Director of NeoEdge.   (Previously: VP of AOL, CTO of and Research Staff at CMU's Software Engineering Inst.)
Philip Fong Master of Math 1995 Learning in Hypothesis Selection Assistant Professor at University of Regina, Canada
Stephanie Ellis Master of Math at Waterloo 1996 Combining OR and AI in Course Assignment Scheduling CIBC, Toronto
Alex Chan Master of Math 1994 AI Planning with Finite Resources Senior Manager, Microsoft Shanghai, China
(Senior Engineer at CISCO)
Eugene Fink Master of Math at Waterloo 1993 On Plan Justifications PHD at CMU, then a Professor at University of Southern Florida
Cheryl Murray Master of Math at Waterloo 1992 Evaluation of Planning Heuristics Canada
Steven Woods Master of Math at Waterloo 1991 Hierarchical Planning with ABTWEAK CSIRO, Canberra, Australia and SEI at CMU, Pittsburgh USA

Past Research Associates, Postdoc Fellows and Visiting Professors at Simon Fraser University

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