Chiew-Lan Tai


Chiew-Lan Tai is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. She received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Malaya, M.Sc. in Computer and Information Sciences from the National University of Singapore, and D.Sc. in Information Science from the University of Tokyo. Her research interests include geometric modeling and processing, computer graphics, and interaction techniques.

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Mailing address:
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon
HONG KONG (Campus map | Campus location | Subway map)
Office: Room 3515, Academic Building
Phone: (852)2358-7020
Fax: (852)2358-1477
Email: taicl at
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