Full-time Research Assistant


1. About DeepSE Lab

We are working on mining software engineering using deep learning including bug prediction and fix generation, and now our lab is extending our interest into general deep learning and recommendation areas using Neural Attention, GNN, and various recent models. Our lab has published research papers at the top venues including @CVPR @ISSTA @ICSE @ASE @ICSE and won many best paper awards. Our lab graduates got faculty positions in various universities and research positions at world-class industries such as Google. We are looking for talented and self-motivated research assistants (RAs) to work on groundbreaking, real-world problems.

2. Job Description

    HKUST RA position: address real-world problems using deep learning techniques.

3. Qualifications

4. Employment Type & Salary

Full-time ( 6 months or more, 18,000HKD/month )

5. Benefits

6. Application

Send your cover letter, CV, and GitHub ID to hunkim@cse.ust.hk. Please title [RA2021] Your Name - your interest (one or two words)