Han Siyuan (韩思远)

I'm a Ph.D. student at HKUST, CSE and Tech Lead & Junior Partner @ABCDE Labs. I led the investments in Cysic (Seed and Pre-A), MegaETH (Pre-Seed round), and Pi^2 (Seed Round). These projects have successfully raised millions dollars in investment after our involvement. I also worked for Scroll as a tech helper (Sequencer/Protocol).

My research interest includes Database Engine, Blockchain Storage optimization,Distributed Transaction Management, ZK-based System and ML/AI System. Some of my research works were published in ICDE and SIGMOD.

I was a white hat (Certified by Wooyun). I am obsessed with untangling the implementation details of sophisticated data management systems (e.g., DBMS and Blockchain) and am thrilled about how to maximize their performance.

I'm working on a book about the ethereum execution layer, a framework for builting Native Crypto-based AI execution layer via LoRA, and a mobile-based light client based on portal network.