Tao Wang

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Office: 3517 (Lifts 25-26)
E-mail: taow@cse.ust.hk
Phone: (852) 2358 8837


About Me

I received my BSc from HKUST in 2010 and my MMath and PhD from the University of Waterloo in 2012 and 2016 respectively. I have published papers at multiple top security and privacy venues, and I served on the Program Committee of the Privacy Enhancing Symposium 2017-2020.

I am a member of the Cybersecurity Lab at HKUST.

Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications

Google Scholar page


My research is in privacy and security, with a special focus on anonymity networks. During my PhD, I studied the problem of website fingerprinting, with which a local, passive eavesdropper can identify the pages visited by a web-browsing client, even if the client was using proxies and encryption. I wrote my thesis, titled "Website Fingerprinting: Attacks and Defenses", on this topic.


I taught COMP3632 (Principles of Cybersecurity) in Spring 2016/2017.

I taught CS 458/658 (Computer Security and Privacy) for Fall 2015 at the University of Waterloo.