Brahim Bensaou
Associate Professor

Rm 3537 Lift 25/26

The Department of

Computer Science and Engineering

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Fall 1 Sept 2017 - 24 Dec 2017

COMP5621: Computer Networks

CSIT5610: Computer Networking and Internet Perspective

Spring 1 Feb 2018 - 30 May 2018

COMP4511: System and Kernel Programming in Linux

Short Bio.

Professor Bensaou is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at HKUST. Prior to that he was a Senior Member of Technical Staff, and the Leader of the Networks strategic research group at Singapore's national R&D Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC, now under A*Star I2R after a merger of two such centres). He has earned his Doctorate degree from Université Paris 6 Jussieu, France, under the co-supervision of Prof. Guy Pujolle and Dr James W. Roberts at France Telecom Research Labs where he did all his PhD research within the "high speed networks teletraffic research group".
Professor Bensaou's research interests are diverse but lie primarily in the area of resource allocation, resource sharing, quality of service and teletraffic in network systems, including wireless local- and wide-area networks, information-centric networks, data centre networks, software-defined networks and the Internet at large. His research work is widely published in the top venues in these areas. He has supervised many PhD and MPhil/MEng theses (both at HKUST and NUS when he was with the CWC in Singapore). He is a Senior member of IEEE and a member of ACM, and has contributed repeatedly tot he community through conference organization committees and editorial boards. His teaching activities revolve mainly around the systems area including networking, operating systems, computer organization and kernel/system programming.


Fall 2023 - 24

COMP5621: Computer Networks: this is an introductory CORE course for PG students

CSIT5610: Computer Networking and Internet Perspective: MSc course

Spring 2023 - 24

COMP4621: Computer Networks

COMP6931A: The Linux Kernel Networking Stack: this is an Independent study course.

Current Research (some representative publications)

Congestion control in Virtualized Data Centre Networks

Data plane virtualizations, intra DC Congestion control, intra and inter-DC Quality of Service, Bandwidth efficiency in virtualized IaaS public data centres

  1. A. M. Abdelmoniem, B. Bensaou "Enhancing TCP via Hysteresis Switching: Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Evaluation"' IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 31(6): 2614-2623 (2023)
  2. A. M. Abdelmoniem, B. Bensaou "T-RACKs: A Faster Recovery Mechanism for TCP in Data Center Networks", IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 29(3): 1074-1087 (2021)
  3. J. M. Wang, Y. Wang, X.M. Dai; B. Bensaou “SDN-based multi-Class QoS Guarantee in Inter-Data center Communications”, IEEE Trans. Cloud Comput. 7(1): 116-128 (2019)
  4. A. M. Abdelmoniem, B. Bensaou, H. Susanto: "Taming Latency in Data Centers Via Active Congestion-Probing", The 39th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2019), Dallas Texas, USA 2019
  5. A. M. Abdelmoniem, B. Bensaou “Curbing Timeouts for TCP-Incast in Data Centers via A Cross-Layer Faster Recovery Mechanism", in proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM 2018, Honolulu Apr, 2018
Information Centric Networking

Caching, Routing, Content peering and Congestion control in CCN

  1. A. J. Abu, B. Bensaou, A. M. Abdelmoniem: "Dimensioning the pending interest table in content-centric networks", Future Gener. Comput. Syst. (Elsevier FGCS) 152: 179-192 (2024)
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  3. K. H. T. Chiu, J. Zhang, B. Bensaou: "Cache Management in Information-Centric Networks using Convolutional Neural Networks", IEEE GLOBECOM, Taipei, Taiwan, 2020
  4. A. J. Abu, B. Bensaou, and J. M. Wang "Interest packets retransmission in lossy CCN networks and its impact on network performance," ACM International Conference on Information Centric Networking (ACM ICN) 2014
  5. J. M. Wang, J. Zhang and B. Bensaou “Intra-AS Cooperative Caching for Content-Centric Networks”, in ACM SIGCOMM ICN, 2013
Energy efficiency/resource allocation in Wired and Wireless Networking

Energy efficient medium access control in Home eNodeB Networks and WiFi, Medium access control in densely deployed WiFi networks, vehicular networks and privacy, Energy efficient resource planning in Data Centres

  1. S. Berri, J. Zhang, B. Bensaou, H. Labiod: Preserving Location-Privacy in Vehicular Networks via Reinforcement Learning. IEEE Trans. Intell. Transp. Syst. 23(10): 18535-18545 (2022)
  2. S. Berri, J. Zhang, B. Bensaou, H. Labiod: "Joint Content-Prefetching, Transmission Scheduling, and Rate Adaptation in Vehicular Networks", IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol. 71(4): 4348-4358 (2022)
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  4. X.M. Dai, J.M. Wang; B. Bensaou “Energy-efficient virtual machines scheduling in multi-tenant data centers”, IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, Vol. 4, Issue 2, April-June 2016
  5. K.-L. Hung, B. Bensaou: "Throughput optimization in wireless local networks with inter-AP interference via a joint-association control, rate control, and contention resolution" Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks 12: 115-129 (2014)