shuai Shuai Wang

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Office: Room 3512 (via lifts 25, 26)

E-mail: shuaiw at

Shuai Wang is an Assistant Professor at CSE, HKUST since 2019. Prior to that, he was a Postdoctoral Scholar in the AST lab at ETH Zurich. He received his Ph.D. from Penn State University, and B.S. from Peking University.

I belong to both the Cybersecurity group and the Software Engineering and Programming Languages group at HKUST.

My research focuses on Computer Security and Software Engineering.


  • COMP3632: Principles of Cybersecurity (Fall 2022)
  • COMP3632: Principles of Cybersecurity (Spring 2022)
  • COMP3632: Principles of Cybersecurity (Fall 2021)
  • COMP3632: Principles of Cybersecurity (Spring 2021)
  • COMP6613C: Topics in Computer Security and Privacy (Spring 2021)
  • COMP3632: Principles of Cybersecurity (Fall 2020)
  • COMP3632: Principles of Cybersecurity (Fall 2019)
  • COMP4971A: Independent Work on Software Fuzz Testing (Fall 2019)

Current Team Members

Ph.D. Students

  • Zhibo Liu (2019 Fall)
  • Huaijin Wang (2019 Fall)
  • Pingchuan Ma (2020 Fall)
  • Yuanyuan Yuan (2020 Fall)
  • Yanzuo Chen (2021 Fall)
  • Zhenlan Ji (2021 Fall)
  • Zongjie Li (2021 Fall)
  • Wai Kin WONG (2021 Fall)
  • Dongwei Xiao (2021 Fall)
  • Dong Chen (2022 Fall) Co-advised with Prof. Wei Wang
  • Yichen Li (2022 Fall)
  • Hongyi Lu (2022 Fall) Co-advised with Prof. Fengwei Zhang

MPhil Students


  • Zhaoyu Wang (2022 Summer UG@Tongji University) Co-advised with Pingchuan Ma and Pang Qi.
  • Qi Wu (2022 Summer UG@HKUST) Co-advised with Zongjie Li.

Former Students

  • Qi Pang (MPhil @ CSE HKUST). 2020-2022. Thesis: Testing Models Solving Markov Decision Processes. Ph.D. student @ CMU.
  • Wai Kin WONG (MPhil @ CSE HKUST). 2019-2021. Thesis on software security. Ph.D. student @ HKUST.
  • Kun Hung LUNG (MPhil @ CSE HKUST). Thesis on systems security. 2019-2021. Engineer @ a start-up cybersecurity company.
  • Wei Chen (MPhil @ CSE HKUST). 2019-2021. Thesis on systems security. RA @ HKUST.
  • Wangkai Jin (UG @ CSE UNottingham Ningbo). 2021 Summer intern on AI privacy projects. MSCS student @ Duke University.
  • Yujie Wang (UG @ CSE HKUST). 2020-2021 Thesis: Privacy-Preserving Security Analysis. Ph.D. student @ Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Xirui Nie (UG @ Fudan University). 2020 Summer intern on compiler & OS security projects. Ph.D. student @ CUHK.
  • Reiff Loris (UG @ ETH Zurich, co-advised with Prof. Zhendong Su). Thesis: Context-Aware Obfuscation: A Step Towards Defeating Adversary Symbolic Analysis. Continued Masters study @ ETH Zurich.
  • Nguyen Andy (UG @ ETH Zurich, co-advised with Prof. Zhendong Su). Thesis: Detecting Vulnerabilities in Real-World Software with Fuzz Testing. Information Security Engineer @ Google.


Program committees

  • 2022: CCS, ASE, ICSE (SEET), AsiaCCS, NDSS (BAR), DBTest
  • 2021: ICSE (AE), AsiaCCS

Selected Publications