Charles Zhang

Associate Professor, Director of Cybersecurity Laboratory
Department of Computer Science and Engineering (direction)
The Hongkong University of Science and Technology
Room 3516 (lift 25/26) Tel: (852)23586997 Fax: (852)23581477

If you like programming and care about writing more secure programs, send me emails for Post-Doc and PhD positions.

I am currently involved with the following:




FSE 19

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  • Congratulations to Gang for winning the Distinguished Paper Award on finding memory leaks over large scale software at ICSE 2019!
  • Congratulations to Qirun Zhang for joining Georgia Tech CS as an assistant professor!
  • The Pinpoint paper has been accepted by PLDI 2018. You can play with this simple online version.
  • Congratulations to Yepeng Liu for joining the CS faculty of SUSTech.
  • Jeff's research received PLDI 2013 Distinguished Paper Award, nominated by SIGPLAN as CACM Research Highlights!, and won ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award!
  • Our context-sensitive points-to technique has been adopted by the Soot project.
  • Research

    My general reseach interest centers around the use of both static and dynamic programm analysis techniques for making complex software systems more secure and reliable. Below are the representative publications:

    I am fortunate to work with the following students:

    In progress:

    Rongxin Wu (Post-Doc), Gang Fan (Ph.D) , Qingkai Shi (Ph.D), Wensheng Tang (Ph.D), Yongchao Wang (Ph.D), Peisen Yao (Ph.D), Yiyuan Guo (Ph.D), Yushan Zhang (Ph.D), Heqing Huang (Ph.D), Lingjie Huang (M.Phil),
  • Yepang Liu (Post-Doc), Assistant Professor, SUSTech
  • Richard Xiao (Ph.D, Post-Doc), SourceBrella Inc. (Founder, CEO)
  • Jinguo(Andy) Zhou (Post-Doc), SourceBrella Inc. (Co-Founder)
  • Qirun Zhang (Post Doc) Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech
  • Peng Liu (Ph.D), Researcher, IBM T.J.Watson Research Lab
  • Jeff Huang (Ph.D), Assitant Professor, Texas A&M University
  • Bin Xu (M.Phil) Software Engineer, Facebook
  • Fan Yu(M.Phil), Software Engineer, Pinduoduo.
  • Teaching

    COMP4111: Software Engineering Practices
    COMP3021: Java Programming (Fall 2015, Spring 2014; Spring, 2013; Spring 2012)
    COMP5111: Fundamentals of Software Analysis (Spring 2014; Spring, 2013; Spring 2011; Fall, 2009; Fall, 2008)
    COMP3111: Introduction to Software Engineerings (Fall, 2014;Fall, 2011;Fall, 2010; Spring, 2010,Spring 2009)
    COMP610: Topics in Engineering Enterprise Middleware Platforms. (Spring, 2009)

    Professional Activities

    1. Editorial Services

      IEEE TSE: Associate Editor

    2. Program Committee Services

      ASE: 2018 (TPC),   2016(Demo),    2013 (TPC)
      ECOOP:    2016(ERC)
      FSE: 2019 (TPC),    2014 (TPC, DS, SRC)     2012 (TPC, NIER)
      ICSE:   2014 (TPC)     2012 (Demo, SRC)     2009 (Demo)
      ISSTA:    2014 (TPC)     2012 (TPC)
      OOPSLA:     2015 (TPC)    2014 (ERC)     2012 (ERC)     2011 (TPC)
      VMCAI:    2018(PC)

    3. Chairs

      ISSTA:    2016 (Doctorla Symposium Co-Chair)
      ICSE:    2016 (Proceedings Chair)
      PLDI:    2012 (Pacific Publicity Chair)
      AOSD:    2013 (Demo Chair)
      APSEC:   2012 (Postgraduate Symposium Chair)
      InternetWare: 2014 (Co-Chair)

    Group Activities

    1. Group hiking of HKUST hills pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5
    2. Group Photos at HKUST or anywhere else pic1
    3. Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (FSE 2010) pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5
    4. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (ICSE 2011) pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6 pic7 pic8
    5. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (ISSTA 2011) pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6 pic7
    6. Venice, Italy, (SAS 2011) pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5


    Charles Zhang is an Associate Professor and the director of the Cybersecurity Lab in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST. His major research interest is the use of program analysis techniques to improve software reliability. He has published extensively at premium conferences and journals of programming languages and software engineering. He has served as an associate editor of IEEE TSE, in addition to numerous organizational and technical committees of international conferences. His research received many awards including PLDI distinguished paper award, ACM SIGSOFT Doctoral Dissertation Award, and IBM PhD fellowships. His research is supported by Research Grant Council, Innovation and Technology Fund, and grants from Microsoft and IBM. Charles obtained his Ph.D, M.Sc, and B.Sc. with honours, all from University of Toronto.