COMP572: Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization

Meeting Times: Tuesday & Thursday 12-13:20
Venue: Room 3006

For one time only, on Thursday, October 7,  the lecture will be in room 6580 (lift 27/28) in the Annex building. Next week (Tuesday October 12) the class will return  to 3006.


There will be NO CLASS on Thursday, November 11.  Instead, students are requested to attend the Distinguished Seminar by Professor Andrew Yao, the 2000 A.M. Turing award winner,  on Saturday November 13, 11-12 PM, Citigroup Lecture Theatre (LTA).

Instructor: Mordecai Golin
Dept. of Computer Science
Hong Kong UST
Room: 3559
Telephone: x6993

TAs:  Zhou Zhen & Leung Yiu Cho


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Tentative Syllabus

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Class Photos (with thanks to Leung Yiu Cho and Zhou Zhen)

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