Ke Yi      易珂

Associate Professor
Postgraduate Programs Coordinator

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, China

Office: Room 3547 (via lifts 25, 26)

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Research Interests

Database theory and algorithms; external memory algorithms; parallel and distributed algorithms; sampling; data streams; data summarization; data structures; computational geometry; data mining.

Exploiting the rich interdependence between theory and practice is the main theme of my research. I always strive to design algorithms with nice theoretical guarantees that also work well in practice. I like simple algorithms with nontrivial and elegant analyses. I like theories that bring insights to how things should be done in practice (this includes lower bounds!).

Systems projects involved: XDB

I belong to both the Theoretical Computer Science group and the Database group at HKUST.

Overview slides on some topics of my recent interests

Random Sampling on Big Data: Techniques and Applications
Summarizing Distributed Data
Tracking Distributed Data
Dynamic Indexability and the Optimality of B-trees and Hash Tables

An overview article in Chinese: 大数据算法

Students and Postdocs

Current students:

Former students and postdocs:



COMP 2711: Discrete Mathematical Tools for Computer Science
MSBD 5003: Big Data Computing
Courses taught in the past:
COMP 2711: Discrete Mathematical Tools for Computer Science (17S)
COMP 3711: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (08F, 09S, 09F, 11F, 12F, 14F, 15S, 15F, 16S)
COMP 3721: Theory of Computation (11S, 12S, 13S)
COMP 5711: Advanced Algorithms (14F, 15F, 16F, 17F, 18F)
COMP 5713: Computational Geometry (10S)
MSBD 5003: Big Data Computing (17S, 17F, 18S, 18F)
COMP 6311D: Hot Topics on Big Data: Algorithms, Analytics and Applications (13F)
COMP 670S: Data Stream Algorithms (10F)
COMP 670R: Hashing (09F)
COMP 670Q: I/O-Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures (08S)


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Phone: +852-2358 8770
Fax: +852-2358 1477